Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fuck Puppy's Rules for a Chastity Slave

I thought Fuck Puppy's Rules deserved re-posting.

Rules for a Chastity Slave 
10 Commandments of Compulsory Chastity 

 1. As your owner, owns every part of you he is entitled to determine which bits are used and when. Your owner therefore has the right to secure your genitals in any sort of chastity device of his choosing whenever he likes and for whatever period he likes.

 2. Your owner does not require any reason or justification to lock you in a chastity device. The fact that he wants to is reason enough. Whether you do or don’t want his to is irrelevant. You gave him the right to make the choice for you.

3. You may not attempt to remove or circumvent any device with which you owner fits you. You are obliged to co-operate with your owner in the fitting of the device, help him in the securing of your genitals and draw his attention to any shortcomings in the functioning of the device so that he may ensure that it performs as he intends. An attempt to remove the device will and should be harshly punished.

4. You must keep yourself clean and well cared for so that the wearing of the device is not impeded on health grounds and you can continue to be locked up for as long as he wants. This includes submitting to prostate milking to keep you clean internally.

5. Your owner has locked up your genitals to deprive you of the ability to play with yourself, attain erection or orgasm. They are no longer for your pleasure: they’re for his. You’re wants and needs are no longer relevant. If trying to get erect causes you discomfort, then don’t do it!

6. You are obliged to keep your owner informed of your experiences in wearing your device. You should look at and touch the locked up area regularly to remind yourself of what you used to be able to use and enjoy, Which he has locked away from you. Let him know how that makes you feel. He enjoys hearing about your suffering. If he does not you will soon be fitted with a gag to stop your pathetic whining.

7. Your owner is entitled to tease you about your lack of ability to attain an erection or gain any satisfaction. He has taken it away from you and wants to enjoy his power over you. He can get satisfaction whenever he wants: you can’t. Tough. In future many of your duties will include giving him such pleasure, whether through your cunt hole or your mouth.

8. He probably finds your lock up amusing. You are not entitled to have your neutered status kept secret. He may decide to inform your friends, boss, or family as he see fit, or just random strangers in the street. If he wants to show off your condition, he can and will. You are no longer a man, but a chastity bitch, you exist for his pleasure in whatever form he decides to take it in.

9. Your owner is entitled to stimulate you by exposure to erotic material, direct contact or otherwise so that he can enjoy the fact you gain only discomfort, not pleasure from it. You Will never touch your unlocked pathetic excuse for a cock again, from now you will be bound with your arms behind your back when ever you are unlocked for cleaning or to shave off your pubic hair. You will already be shaving the rest of you hair off on your own, he does not want to waste his time shaving the rest of you this is your responsibility, Fail to keep up with this duty satisfactorily will result in the loss of your eyebrows on a 1st offense and a following offense will result in a loss of all hair any where. Fail a 3rd time and this status will be made permanent.

10. You should take pleasure in the fact that your owner takes the time to control the use of his property and happy that it gives him some amusement. You should always thank him for securing you in chastity and let him know how grateful you are to have your genitals locked up under his control. You should always be happy if he decides to extend your time in chastity and tell him how much you would like to continue to be Locked and serve him. Ask your self do you want to be home alone sat in front of you computer jacking off alone, or down on your knee’s sucking his cock where you belong?

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  1. Hi LnD,

    highly interesting rules; however, even the best rules do not make a good boi or puppy most unfortunately - even if they might be a good start.

    However, many thanks to share them for better distribution and acknowledgement.